Tax Sale (Delinquencies)

Search to see if delinquent taxes have been sold or forfeited at the annual Cook County Tax Sale and if those taxes were subsequently redeemed (paid).

The Annual Tax Sale is a yearly auction of delinquent taxes at which a tax buyer may pay the delinquent taxes due on a parcel. A property owner whose taxes were sold may "redeem" their taxes by paying the amount of sale (plus interest) to the tax buyer in order to avoid loss of property or ownership.

At this time the Portal does not reflect taxes that were sold or forfeited at the scavenger tax sale. If you know or suspect your delinquent taxes have been sold at the scavenger tax sale, please call the Clerk's Office to verify the status. To learn more about this process please click one of the links below:

History of Cook County Annual Tax Sale Dates Listed by Tax Year

  • Tax Year 2017 - 5/03/2019
  • Tax Year 2016 - 5/04/2018
  • Tax Year 2015 - 4/03/2017
  • Tax Year 2014 - 6/03/2016
  • Tax Year 2013 - 8/03/2015